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The Definitive Handbook for Creating Exceptional Experiences at Work

Managing the Employee Experience – We Have Answers from the Industry's Top Talent Leaders

There has never been a more exciting time to be a talent professional. In the past decade alone there have been dramatic transformations and a redefinition of "work" for almost every region, industry and role – in organizations of all sizes.

Collaborative cross-functional teams are replacing siloed hierarchies to work to deliver on key objectives. The way we recruit, manage and develop our talent is being upended with a more people-centric approach. And we expect work applications to be more intuitive and personalized. While transformation and changing expectations can present challenges, they also present HR leaders with fantastic opportunities.

As a talent leader, you face the practical realities of managing this rapid change and adapting your approaches in a way that makes the experience at work more personal for every employee, while also ensuring you can deliver what your organization needs, and prove the positive impact of your talent programs.

That's where this guide comes in. With insights from more than 30 talent management professionals and industry experts from around the world, you can access practical guidance, provocative ideas and new approaches for managing the employee experience from some of the most progressive organizations.

Here's a look at some of the insights shared by our experts:

Josh Bersin – Bersin Academy
Remember that "the customer experience is dependent on the employee experience." Every time we make employees' lives better, we better serve customers. Look at the common "moments that matter" at work first, and flatten these issues completely. Onboarding, job changes, relocation etc. Every company can look at these topics and map out better solutions.

Julie Winkle-Giulioni – DesignArounds
While organizational processes are necessary, no one develops from annual mandated activities. Employees around the world report that their success boiled down to three factors: Trust – leaders whom they trusted to provide meaningful feedback and to have their backs. Belief – leaders who saw something in them they may not have seen in themselves. Ongoing conversation – leaders who prioritized accessibility, listening and dialogue.

Ben Eubanks – Lighthouse Research and Advisory
We can create more people-centric workplaces AND drive more value for the business. Engaged companies can outperform disengaged companies by 150 percent. We've seen this play out in our research again and again: companies with better revenue, engagement, and employee retention see talent differently, treat talent differently, and they don't apologize for it.

Download this guide to get effective strategies and new ideas for creating more engaging, personal experiences in the moments that matter, for your people, in a way that creates value for your organization too.

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